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Présentation de l'éditeur :

"In this work, Mariela Sancari presents portraits of 70–year–old men, the age her father would be if he were still alive. The Argentine photographer is convinced that seeing the inert body of a dead person helps one to overcome one of the most complex stages of grief, denial. She was unable to see her father's body and has therefore doubted his death in countless ways. In this volume, Sancari proposes and undertakes a fictional game in an attempt to help show the infinite storeroom of the unconscious, a mise en scène that allows us to represent our real desires and fantasies."

Une très belle et très émouvante série de portraits, présentée en deux livrets qui s'ouvrent indépendamment en composant une variation de triptyques.

Ce livre figurait dans la sélection finale pour le Prix du Livre des Rencontres d'Arles 2015.

2 x 32 pages - Couverture rigide

La Fabrica, 2015


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