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"The images in this book are part of a project documenting small rural communities (1,000 inhabitants or less) in the Canadian West. As demographic changes – ‘rural drain, urban claim’ – persist, many would argue that the rural is becoming a redundant sidepiece in a world that is increasingly concerned with the urban. The project investigates how rural communities in the Canadian West struggle to hold onto their heritage despite the diminishing vitality of these towns."

Textes de Kyler Zeleny, Ginger Strand et Craig Campbell.

112 pages - Couverture souple avec jaquette partielle

The Velvet Cell, 2014 (500 ex.)

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  • 192 pages - Couverture rigide, reliure par un adhésif The Velvet Cell, 2017 (500 ex.) Format : 14 x 21 cm *Signé* Neuf - Aucun défaut Présentation du livre par Skinnerboox : « A Guide to Infrastructure and Corruption est un projet à long terme que j'ai lancé en 2009, lorsque j'ai eu l'occasion de devenir un citoyen conscient. Un nouveau viaduc devait être...

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  • Présentation de l'éditeur : "Shot over 28 years, American Motel Signs is a unique insight into one of the most fascinating aspects of contemporary American culture. These motel signs, from the Sleepy Hollow Motel [Utah, 2007] to the Teddy Bear Motel [North Carolina, 1983] represent the many faces of everyday America that has become so ubiquitous in...

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  • Présentation de l'éditeur : "Athens Diary is the follow-up to 2014’s Cairo Diary and the 2nd in Peter Bialobrzeski’s City Diaries Series with The Velvet Cell. In Athens Diary Bialobrzeski travels to the scene of the biggest European crisis in decades to document the urban consequences of the emergency. His photos capture the dichotomy of everyday life in...

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