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Présentation de l'éditeur :

"Many of Paatos’ series depict individuals and identities with contradictions: she is inclined to locate couplings of the romantic and the harsh, the bare and the intense, the vulnerable and the sinewy. Through her photographs Paatos explores the relationship between the people living in the sparsely populated areas and the stark nature surrounding them.[…]

Paatos’ photographic method concentrates largely on dwelling and lingering. She spends extensive amounts of time in specific spaces with her subject matters. Through this kind of immersion the essential moments become more attainable for the persistent observer. Paatos herself states that she photographs “found moments, found people, and found objects,” and recognizes how the share of the intuitive in her process always grows as the project progresses.[…]

All in all, her practice can well be positioned between the documentary and the mysterious."

120 pages - Couverture rigide toilée

The Angry Bat, 2016 (750 ex.)

Format : 23 x 29 cm

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