Midnight Milk

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Présentation sur le site de l'artiste :

"The identity of Nordic women is in a state of constant flux, but I don't see the role of being a mother changing at the same speed or in the same direction. This creates a conflict and an ambivalence for many women. This essay is a photographic voyage through my own life, as I am trying to understand what happens to our identity and self-image when we get children.

The stage for motherhood is set long before a child is born; the scenography, props and co-actors are already given. As a child enters the world and creates a new family, our own history and the fact that time is passing become more visible. All of a sudden, the roles of the generations are mixed up. Slowly, we create our own homes and our own traditions, adding new branches to the family tree. As time goes by, our children find their own place in this story, leaving their own footprints.

     -- Marie Sjøvold  "

NB : Les images présentées ici sont issues du site de l'artiste.

92 pages - Couverture rigide

Journal, 2015

Neuf - Aucun défaut

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