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  • Présentation de l'éditeur : "Primitive by Massimo Leardini presents an unorthodox study of the female form. The result of the latest collaboration between the photographer and his long-term muse, the Norwegian actress Viktoria Winge. Conventional landscape settings have been banished to be replaced only by a sense of place; sparse light penetrating deep...

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  • Aperçu rapide Leardini, Massimo
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    Présentation de l'éditeur : "Less images of visual phenomena than of perception itself, Catarsi by Massimo Leardini presents a world beyond the depicted. Dreamlike images and harmonious structures of glowing greys are firmly rooted in an underexposed narrative extracted from the realms of the photographer's seaside hometown of Cattolica in Italy. A...

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Résultats 1 - 2 sur 2.