The Milky Way


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"This book is about a special mood, springing from a certain time in life, the period between being a child and an adult.

It’s a time of longing for independence. A time full of dreams, expectations, and a feeling that life is great, a feeling that one’s entire life can change on an evening. Or even by a glance. It is a time of excitement over what might happen, and all the experiences that come along the way. And experiences are a measurement of how far you have come, and is also as something to collect and to compare with others.

The series depicts how girls and boys aged 12-16 approach each other, form groups, seek identity. During this phase of life their bodies are changing and take on a direction of their own, and these bodily changes affect the entire personality.

It is also a time filled with abrupt shifts between euphoric joy and utter hopelessness. Emotions are boiling under the surface but it’s important to appear cool and suppress the feelings of insecurity, confusion, excitement and longing. Sometimes they can’t be hidden thus creating odd expressions and behaviour.

Most often it’s about finding a community, a place to belong to."

96 pages - Couverture souple

Journal, 2014

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