The First Day of Good Weather

@ Mortarotti, Vittorio


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"My brother died in a car accident in 1999. His last girlfriend, Kaori, was Japanese.
She kept on writing and sending photos for months after the accident.
The search for Kaori led me to Fukushima and the tsunami area, working as a pretext
to look for stories of loss and reconstruction across Japan.

             -- Vittorio Mortarotti

The first day of good weather
is an exceptional book project. Mortarotti possesses a visual acuity that he uses to great effect, evoking a set of emotions in a sequence of images that deploys the opacity of photography (the counterpoint of its claim to truth).

The book itself is very beautiful assembled. The printing and layout are especially strong.

              -- Lucy Moore for the « First Book Award » shortlist by MACK "

80 + 8 pages - Couverture souple

Skinnerboox, 2015

Format : 24.5 x 31 cm

Neuf - Aucun défaut

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