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"MOYI 1983-89 is a photobook accompanying the exhibitions « Eighties Part1: Fathers and Old Landscapes » (April 7-22, 2015) and « Eighties Part2: MOYI 1987-1989 » by Chinese photographer Mo Yi at Zen Foto Gallery.

The book features photographs by Mo Yi from the 1980s, including his earliest works Old Landscapes and the Fathers series, as well as representative works of Riot/Disturbance (also known as My Illusory City), 1m, The Scenery Behind Me and Swing Bus. This edition includes texts by Mo Yi, photographer Kazuo Kitai, and publisher Mark Pearson in Japanese, English and Chinese language."

144 pages - Couverture souple avec jaquette

Zen Foto Gallery, 2016

Format : 21.5 x 15.3 cm


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    Présentation de l'éditeur : "Kazuo Kitai had dropped out of university just six months after entering the Photography course in the Art Department of Nihon University in Tokyo. As he puts it himself: «I didn't listen to anything my teachers said». He had been living in Kobe, and even as a teenager used to visit the ateliers and exhibitions of the Gutai...

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    Présentation par l'artiste : "On a bitterly cold and rainy night a friend came to stay. Silence hung heavy in the fading light, and I felt a  dread of the long oppressive night ahead. Staring directly at my friend I felt a kind of impatience, of repugnance, of annoyance. I could run away any time. I began to think I really shouldn’t be here, but then,...

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