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"The Point of Deliverance, The Ledge of the Cormorant, The Thieving Ledge, The Speckled Cliff, The Three Hags of the Promontory, The Big Spur, The Fool’s Hollow, The Cliff of the Eagles, are the English translations of the remembered given Irish Language names of specific headlands, rock formations, handed down in the Oral History of the Erris Peninsula, North Mayo, Ireland.

A visual interpretation of the work of local historians, Treasa Ní Ghearraigh and Uinsíonn Mac Graith who have researched and published, The Placenames and Heritage of Dún Chaocháin. Drawing on living memory and local history, they have recorded the given names assigned to rock formations, cliffs and areas of land before they pass out of the vocabulary of everyday life.

In the making of these photographs, personal challenges have been confronted, examined and questioned. Is there an emotion between the mesmeric and pure fear? Does the scale of the drop from the cliff edge to the dark water below become subsumed in the tantalizing detail which demands your attention? Just a breath of a footstep too near to the edge. Is the wind a little high? Is that gust you feel at your back too strong? Is there the emotion which is a cross between exhilaration and tiredness? Have you just been out there too long in the wild open space, no boundaries, time only marked by the passage of the sun to its setting place, chasing shadows and highlights across the headlands. Alone you must make the decision and chose the correct time to walk back from the edge, to the calm embrace of flat bogland and a less harsh wind."

Ce livre est une édition limitée réalisée à la main de 40 exemplaires numérotés.

Il est composé d'un Leporello (accordéon) de 32 pages, présentant 16 photographies. Un livret inséré de 4 pages contient une carte avec la localisation des sites photographiés, un index avec les vignettes des images et un court texte de présentation (en anglais).

NB : Nous tenons à votre disposition quelques photos du carrousel en plus haute définition

32 pages - Couverture rigide

Blink Editions, 2016 (40 ex.)

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