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"These works were sourced from my photos taken in these years. They were piled up like chicken ribs, so I operated on them, like a surgeon. I applied various methods according to different pictures: engraving, rubbing, curling, or making a photography installation with other objects. I tried all I can to save these pictures by giving them new meanings.

Each picture was printed by hand. I looked them over and over to explore their inner dramatic structures, or even another space. When the image is regarded as a pure object, the print becomes a tangible place."

92 pages - Couverture rigide

Jiazazhi Press, 2015 (500 ex.)


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    .Seulement deux exemplaires disponibles - Épuisé chez l'éditeur.Portraits en 3D réalisés en Corée du Nord en 2014.Jiazazhi Press, 2016 Format de la boîte : 15.5 x 19.5 x 6.5 cm Contenu : lunettes 3D, 65 cartes 3D, 5 cartes "postales" 3D, livret descriptif (chinois & anglais). *Signé* Neuf - Aucun défaut

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    Présentation par l'artiste : "My theater complex came from my home. I live in a theater's courtyard filled with playing and watching. The theater life enriched my knowledge about various roles at all times and in all countries. Time was changing the opera gradually. The pop, fashion and foreign elements were added into the traditional, local and folk...

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    .De nouveau disponible.Présentation de l'éditeur : "Zhang Xiao started his journey from 2009-2013 along the coastline of China. China has long coastline from the mouth of Yalu river in Liaoning province in the north to the mouth of Beilun river in Guangxi province in the south. In all, it is a continuous eighteen thousands kilometers. There are great...

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