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    .Dernier exemplaire !.Présentation par l'éditeur : "Daisuke Yokota's latest work CORPUS features his nude photography for the first time. Yokota's unique visual expression mixing reality and fiction shows the human figures in black and white getting tangled with each other in a locked room. These very intimate images give us a strange feeling about life,...

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  • .Stock épuisé.Présentation par l'éditeur : "Viviane Sassen's first photo book in Japan, LEXICON includes the series by the same title which was chosen by Massimiliano Gioni to be part of The Encyclopedic Palace at the 55th Venice Biennale (2013). The thirty-one images, encompassing iconic and more recent ones, wove together the themes recurring in her...

Résultats 1 - 2 sur 2.