Uwe Bedenbecker - Zine N° 27 - Dialectics of Nature (Editions Bessard, 2015) View larger

Zine N° 27 - Dialectics of Nature (*w/ signed print*)

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Publisher's presentation :

"Maybe it was my wish to leave behind the small child perspective temporarily.

Maybe the feeling to be able to conquer a small piece of nature was the reason for me to climb up trees in my childhood.

However that be falling off of a tree became one of my first experiences of the dangers of nature, maybe a kind of revenge towards my attempts to conquest…

It was much later that I started to pay attention to how men and nature try to live together.

On one hand we exploit nature and its resources.

On the other hand we bring back nature into our cities and homes to enhance our living environment. like every form of cohabitation, this is inextricably linked with efforts and potential conflicts. In the long run, nature will prevail.

When I photographed these trees and plants I often asked myself, what kind of stories they would tell if they could talk.

I am sure, a lot of them would be quite interesting to listen to, others probably better remain untold."

40 pages - Softcover

Editions Bessard, 2015

*w/ Signed Print*

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