Photo Poche

    L'Ascenseur Végétal is now offering all available titles from the French collection "Photo Poche". This series of black pocket-size books is a staple among photobooks in France, and all photography lovers and amateurs have at least one in their bookshelves, often dozens!

    This series initially curated by Robert Delpire and published by "Centre National de la Photographie" has been in the catalogue of "Actes Sud" for many years. Texts are in French only.

    As this collection is not at the heart of the "raison d'être" of L'Ascenseur Végétal, we did not create a page for each book from the series (that would be a very long task... ;-) but however we wanted to add it to our catalogue as it is a really well conceived series, great to discover a photographer's work, and an excellent idea for a present!

    You have the possibility to order all the titles listed below. Please note that some titles are out of print at the publisher's, on reprint, or on order on our end, and we will do our best to maintain this list with only the titles available for immediate shipment.

    This will come with a bit of complexity as we kindly request that you add to your order the number of books your wish to purchase, and indicate the titles you want to receive in the messaging part of your order. Thank you!

    Agustin. V. Casasola
    Albert Londe
    Anders Petersen
    August Sander
    Bill Brandt
    Bruno Barbey
    Charles Marville
    Christer Strömholm
    Daido Moriyama
    David Goldblatt
    David Seymour
    Dieter Appelt
    Duane Michals
    Edward S. Curtis
    Edward Steichen
    Elliott Erwitt
    Ernst Haas
    Eugene Smith
    Ferdinando Scianna
    Flor Garduno
    Francois Arago (1786-1853)
    Francoise Huguier
    Frank Horvat
    Frantisek Drtikol
    Gabriele Basilico
    Gianni Berengo Gardin
    Gilles Caron
    Guy Bourdin
    Helmut Newton
    Henri Cartier-Bresson
    Henri Huet
    Hippolyte Bayard
    Jacques Henri Lartigue
    Jane Evelyn Atwood
    Jean Gaumy
    Jean-Louis Courtinat
    Joan Fontcuberta
    Julia Margaret Cameron
    Les Krims
    Lewis W. Hine
    Lucien Hervé
    Malick Sidibé
    Manuel Alvarez
    Marc Riboud
    Mario Giacomelli
    Martin Chambi
    Martine Franck
    Maurice Tabard
    Michel Vanden Eeckhoudt
    Mike Disfarmer
    Nicéphore Niépce
    Paolo Pellegrin
    Patrick Zachmann
    Paul Starosta
    Paul Strand
    Pentti Sammallahti
    Ralph Eugene Meatyard
    Robert Capa
    Robert Doisneau
    Roman Vishniac
    Sarah Moon
    Sebastiaõ Salgado
    Séeberger Frères
    Seydou Keita
    Shoji Ueda
    Stanley Greene
    William Klein
    Willy Ronis

    De la Photographie comme un des Beaux-Arts
    Etranges étrangers
    Images d'un autre monde
    La nature dans l'art
    La nature morte
    La photographie britannique
    La photographie sociale
    Le Grand Œuvre
    Le nu
    Le sténopé
    Le temps des pionniers
    L'Homme transparent
    L'Un par L'Autre
    Post Mortem
    Tendance Floue

    Jean Jaurès
    La Guerre : 14-18
    Le Front Populaire

    L'autre Chine
    Prague 1968

    Aux marches de la Chine
    Etats d'enfances
    Extérieur nuit
    Extrême Asie
    Le mur et la peur
    Les enfants du diable
    Les noires vallées du repentir
    Les yeux brûlants
    Mineurs en peines
    Place de La Réunion
    Un chameau pour le fils

    Last, we are also offering the titles below , but they are listed at a different price from the rest of the collection. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to add any of them to your order, and we will send you an additional invoice.

     Anon - 14.90 €
     Je ne suis pas photographe - 22.40 €
     L'Objet Photographique - 14.90 €

    13,00 €

    N/A - AV0225


    Actes Sud

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