Study on the Nature of a Variable Geometry

    Presentation of the project by the question debated in a boolet inserted in the book :

    "What is democracy?

    At this time of globalization, how is it perceived by our modern societies and by the media? In a world where the image is more of a conveyor of ideology, we can question ourselves about the role and the meaning of documentary photography.

    What does it show? What does it say?
    A journalist, a philosopher and an art historian gathered around those pictures, about the way we perceive and comprehend politics through the medium of the image.

                               - Daphné Angles, Picture Editor / Bureau Manager at The New York Times, Paris
                               - Anaïs Feyeux, Art Historian specializing in Photography
                               - Étienne Tassin, Professor of Political Philosophy, University of Paris Diderot"

    The discussion is in a separate booklet, fully translated French / English.

    The book was shortlisted at the Kassel Fotobookfestival 2015 and at the Luma Dummies Award in Arles 2015.

    100 pages + 28 pages - Softcover

    Self-published, 2015 (300 numbered copies)

    New - Mint condition

    36,00 €


    Giroudon, Baptiste


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