List of photobooks by Shibata, Toshio

Toshio Shibata is a Japanese photographer who studied photography in Belgium. He is specifically interested in imposing architectural constructions and their integration in their surroundings, often natural landscape; interested in simple and geometric shapes such as dams or bridges, of which he usually captures architectural details, in a way that infuses both life and a strange quality in these landscapes.

© Portrait taken from the AZITO gallery of Japanese Contemporary Art - No credit available

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    64 pages - Hardcover The Velvet Cell, 2017 (500 copies) Format : 25 x 20 cm New - Mint conditionPresentation by The Velvet Cell: " « My goal is to create work in which every photograph is independent. This idea never changes. It is not my aim to depict for the purposes of explanation, or to illustrate with my photographs.Infrastructure is the main subject...

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  • .Sold out.The first impression when looking at Toshio Shibata's work in Contacts is that of a very original way to look at things. The artist really observes the landscapes with a very sharp eye, and seems to be looking for calm, stability, and permanence... and lays his eyes on the man-made structures and how they integrate or oppose the surrounding...

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